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Sending condolence flowers in Singapore to express your condolences of a business associate’s loss or a close friend’s loved one to express your heartfelt condolences and sympathies in this difficult time is a norm in Singapore.

At Wreaths Singapore, we ensure that your condolences are felt by the immediate friends and families of the deceased. Our awe-inspiring LED Wreaths are designed to beautify the surrounding area of the wake while keeping the mood of the wake solemn. 

Bereavement may be a difficult thing to deal with. In the aftermath of a loved one’s death, it’s difficult to cope. Denial, rage, bargaining, sadness, and acceptance are all stages of the process. .

It’s difficult to deal with the loss of someone we care about. Send a flower wreath to the individual who has endured this loss to brighten their day. We will certainly bring back wonderful recollections of crucial life milestones for individuals you care about.

For the duration of this difficult period, we are committed to providing the assistance and services that you may require. Compassion and empathy are our hallmarks when it comes to supporting our clients. You can count on us to be there for you, and we’ll do our best

Why Choose Wreaths Singapore for Funeral Wreaths?

We love to impress.

Our quality wreaths are set up by engineers with vast experience dealing with LED technology. Color temperature and intensity of the LED lights are optimized for the best luminescent effect in Singapore’s night.

High quality artificial flowers are used to mitigate health concerns for pollen-allergic attendees of the wake while maintaining the exterior of a traditional floral wreath.

Feedback from clients mostly are the WOW factor observed from the wake attendees.

Check out our funeral floats and you will understand our drive to leave an everlasting last memory.

About Wreaths Singapore

Wreaths Singapore is the leading LED wreaths provider in Singapore established in 2019. Consultations with funeral directors were carried out to assess the acceptability of the LED wreath and ensure that these funeral flowers are suitable for all religious funeral. We have a wealth of experience for setting up and securing LED Wreaths.

Wreaths by Wreaths Singapore

LED Condolence Standing Flower Free Delivery

We offer free island-wide delivery for all LED Funeral Wreaths and LED Condolence Flowers. Our flower stand for funeral and wakes will be delivered in the same day if the order is placed before 5pm. For all orders placed after 5pm, please check with us via WhatsApp on the time for delivery.

Reliable Same Day Delivery of Standing Flowers for Funeral Wake and Memorial

We deliver condolence flower stands Singapore-wide daily including Sunday and Public Holidays. Do talk to us to confirm our availability to deliver.

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Condolence Messages on Funeral Flowers

For condolence flowers, we recommend the following messages displayed on our LED panel.

  • To RECEIVER, Deepest Condolences to You and Your Family ~ From SENDER
  • To RECEIVER, Heartfelt Condolences to You and Your Family ~ From SENDER
  • To RECEIVER, Our Thoughts and Prayers are with You and Your Family ~ From SENDER

Customized messages can be arranged for.