Funeral Procession Floats

Funeral Procession Floats

funeral floats

Funeral floats have been present around the world for a long time.  From the Americas to Europe to Asia, they bring a sense of scale and attention to the procession when the float passes through accompanied by the hearse and the mourners.

Sending off a loved one is never easy. Few are prepared for such a task to even fathom what is the proper way to honor and respect the one who has passed on. A splash of grandeur can be added to a solemn funeral procession with our funeral procession floats. Someone so important to many deserves an eye-catching and magnificent send off to the afterlife. A loss of a loved one does not always need a very formal and quiet procession but instead looked as a celebration of one’s life, no matter how long or short. And what better way than to have at the helm, a grand float to lead the final journey.

Beautifully decorated with flowers of many striking colors, our floats are unlike any other compared to the ones seen on Chingay or National Day Parades, taking the lead of the funeral procession’s final journey. Our flowers, although fake, are to ensure nothing gets damaged or appears unfitting during the journey. Still, they will be held and arranged to the highest quality by our own standards as we believe in giving no less for each of our clients. Present around the float’s array of flowers are several cutouts of red crowned cranes, symbolizing beauty, harmony, and grace that accompanies the procession itself and the one who has passed on bringing a sense of peace and serenity to all who look at it as a whole.  And in its centre, a giant heart out of flowers to signify that no one is ever truly gone as long as we have them in our hearts.

Most bystanders choose not to look at funeral processions as it is considered unlucky and taboo. Usually processions are made up of mourners and the hearse, giving it a solemn mood. A grand eye-catching float would help people feel that not all passings have to be in tears and silence but also looked at as a celebration of life in which anyone and everyone can respect and experience; that there is nothing wrong with one’s final journey being as eye-catching as possible.

To cope with loss and grief is difficult. But what is grief, but love persevering? We understand that. It is a part of life. And that is beautiful.  We want to help you give the deceased the grand but respectful send off that they deserve, no matter what kind of life they lived. We want you to feel a sense of happiness and pride when you see the float accompany your loved one on their journey to the afterlife; that you gave all your love after their passing.


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